What is Very Carrie?

Simply put, Very Carrie is a how I’d describe myself. I’m candid, like it or not. I’m gutsy, brazen, or full of moxie as my Mother says.

I look at things quickly, to grab that initial impression; then almost without thinking, I can already identify a way to switch it up, make a slight change, implement a twist…impart a FRESH PERSPECTIVE, which I believe is ALWAYS IN STYLE!

I’m not afraid to be different, do things differently, stand out from the crowd. Why blend in? Why do things that have “always been done that way” only to get the same results. That’s actually the definition of insanity. But then, you already knew that, right?

That’s why when I created this new endeavor, calling it Very Carrie, was a natural choice. Now, what it ends of being is up to us, you and me.

I’ve got a plan to start with some writings from me based upon research from, and inspired by, various industries. You see, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, what matters is how you adapt those perspectives and transfer them into YOUR industry, and implement them. Without implementation, why bother?

I look to have

  • guest contributors

  • innovative features

  • and projects suggested by you, the reader

I’m thinking you’ll agree to one or more of my plans. The rest, as Tess McGill said in Working Girl, “we’ll make up as we go along.”

Why subscribe?

Honestly, I’m not into algorithms picking what someone sees, yet social media seems to be the only way to reach some people these days. I want to see what I’m interested in, and I’m thinking you do to. So, here I am posting, pinning, and tweeting in order to get your attention and reach you. Subscribing to Very Carrie cuts through all of the social media clutter. If you add yourself to the list here…

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Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s get started. I’m in; you in?

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Carrie Stiles
​Having been in the business of creating strategies for over 15 years, I know the special challenges you face while navigating demanding clients, standing out among others, maintaining your inspiration or simply creating it.